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61. 42 Icons

42 icons
Fate/Zero for Round 35 of 20inspirations
Gintama and Revolutionary Girl Utena

20inspirations Round 35: Flashback
Oh it's been awhile since I made icons. I think you can tell haha :p Anyways, I decided to do two icons for each style to challenge myself (or else everything would've been light textures galore!)

[Explanations]1-2:Colourful and Shiny (+ Light Textures)
3-4:Multiple Images
5-6: Textures. 6 is inspired by this icon by aeriiths
9-10: Bold Colours and Contrast - I'd say my colouring style is pretty bold (in my mind vibrant = bold). I also love contrast in my icons, but I don't think of my style as a summation of these two things?? In any case for these icons I really wanted to amplify the shadows/blacks to get intense colours and contrasts.
11-12: Clean and Minimalistic - My icons aren't usually complex but they're not usually clean and minimalistic?? Idk I'm sort of a texture whore so these icons are as simple as you're gonna get for me, heh.
13-14: Close-up and Obscure Crops - I like close up crops because I can get away with not extracting anything, haha.
15-16: Experimental - For 15, there's blending. And even though purple and yellow are complimentary colours I don't usually pair them together so this colour combination is experimental for me. For 16, I was playing around with textures and this icon just came together. Idk if it's obvious but that's a world map, which falls in line with Rider being the king of conquerors.
17-18: Muted and Vintage
19-20: Black and White - why did I make so many Kirei icons? That shitty mapo tofu priest isn't even my favourite character.
Alternates + Extra Fate Icons


Revolutionary Girl Utena

1. Credit is not required but appreciated.
2. Do not hotlink, edit, alter, or claim my graphics. Textless icons are not bases.
3. Keep my graphics within LiveJournal.
4. If you want a textless or black and white version of one of my icons, feel free to ask.

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