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Hunter x Hunter for Round 3 of 20muses

20muses Round 3: In Color
Ohhhhh I haven't made icons in a loooonnggg time. I thought it might be nice to icon a series I haven't done before (for once :p), and I watched Hunter x Hunter a few months ago and I loved it. Killua is basically my favourite (he's soooo adorable omg). Anyways, analagous colours was right up my ally, but complementary colours was pretty hard for me. I'm very partial to certain colour combinations, hehe.

Alternates + Extra HxH Icons

1. Credit is not required but appreciated, unless you are using on Tumblr.
2. Do not hotlink, edit, alter, or claim my graphics. Textless icons are not bases.
3. Don't upload onto fanpop.
4. If you want a textless or black and white version of one of my icons, feel free to ask.

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Tags: !icons, animanga: hunter x hunter
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