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25 icons
Multifandom for Round 31 of 20inspirations

20inspirations - A Rainbow of Fandoms
X/1999 | Fate/Zero | Puelli Magi Madoka Magica | Cantarella | Alichino
Ouran Highschool Host Club | Macross Frontier | Odin Sphere | Code Geass | Sailor Moon
Tactics | ARIA | Kotonoha no Niwa | The Girl Who Leapt Through Time| Cowboy Bebop
Revolutionary Girl Utena | Princess Tutu | Neon Genesis Evangelion | Mawaru Penguindrum | Otome Youkai Zakuro


1. Credit is not required but appreciated.
2. Do not hotlink, edit, alter, or claim my graphics. Textless icons are not bases.
3. Keep my graphics within LiveJournal.
4. If you want a textless or black and white version of one of my icons, feel free to ask.

Watch amarylis?
Tags: !icons, animanga: alichino, animanga: aria, animanga: bishoujo senshi sailor moon, animanga: cantarella, animanga: code geass, animanga: cowboy bebop, animanga: fate/zero, animanga: kotonoha no niwa, animanga: macross frontier, animanga: mawaru penguindrum, animanga: neon genesis evangelion, animanga: otome youkai zakuro, animanga: ouran highschool host club, animanga: princess tutu, animanga: puelli magi madoka magica, animanga: revolutionary girl utena, animanga: tactics, video game: odin sphere
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I am absolutely in love with that Rue icon!
Thanks! =)
akshaks such pretty colors!
Thank you!
Whoa, gorgeous!
Thank you :)

I know i always talk about how breath-taking your coloring/lighting style is, but it is always, always true. Everything is so beautiful, ethereal, and softly magical. And most importantly here: Kyoya Ootori. I am snagging that perfectly perfect icon full of mood dissonance, fantastic yellow coloring, and brilliant text like it is my freaking job. It is so fantastic. Also, the Code Geass one? WOW. I am absolutely floored at how magnificent the crop is as well as the clarity of it!! The intensity of the coloring is really special too. Your entire blue section is amazing as well, but I particularly love #14. The blocking in that is executed so well, and I love the story telling element of it. The intensity of your reds and yellow is pretty spectacular as well.

I just love everything! ♥
Wow, thank you so much! I always love reading your comments =)
I love the colors in this post so much! The watercolor background of 8 is very pretty and I like the monochrome look of 20 :)
Thank you!!

howwwwww do you even do that colouring and lighting your icons always look so amazing!
Thank you so much!!!
Great set! My favourites are #1, #3, #12 and #17! :)
Thank you! =)
These are so pretty I could cry! Picking favorites is going to be impossible when voting comes around. The depth to your coloring is always so striking and unique. Everything about #1 is perfect, the deep reds the dragon background, the crop! The PMMM icon as well is just lovely, your use of warm colors is always so inspiring because they never look overly vibrant. #15 is so cool as well, the subtle use of texture on it elevates it while still keeping it visually uncluttered. And of course I loooove the Utena icon, I love the vibrancy you got in her hair and how light in general it is, that scene is so dark! And that Rue icon wow, definitely snagging it right away! Composition, texture, coloring, everything is perfect for the character.
Thank you so much! =)
this is a lovely post!
the whole colours just pop out so nicely...
it's great, really, icon comm always makes my day better
Thank you nna! :)
hhhhhh I really love that Bebop icon.
Thank you!
such vibrant colors. very beautiful.
Thank you!
O H M Y G O D, THESE ARE GORGEOUS! ♥ I just... /sobs

Guhhhh I can't even rn, everything is so breathtakingly beautiful. ♥
Thanks Pam! <3
Loooove 1, 8, and 9!
Thank you :)